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Chrysler Mopar Recognized Certified Collision Repair Facility

Chrysler says this new certification process consists of more than 40 key business standards including:

  • Attaining and maintaining I-CAR Gold Class Professional shop status, proving technician training is embraced
  • Owning and utilizing squeeze type resistance spot welding equipment, which duplicates the original assembly process
  • Utilizing Chrysler-approved refinish materials, which have been tested to rigorous standards to duplicate the factory applied paint’s durability
  • Utilizing structural straightening equipment, which includes the ability to perform three-dimensional measurements to confirm all damage has been corrected

Chrysler Recognized Certified Collision Repair Facilities will be distinguished by specific signage. Chrysler says that customers will have their claims and repairs handled in an expedient manner, utilizing Chrysler-approved repair procedures and parts, getting them back in their vehicles and on the road as quickly as possible.

When repairs are completed with 100-percent OE collision repair parts, a Write Certificate of Authenticity will be created for the customer’s records. An update will also be made to the CARFAX vehicle report showing 100-percent OE parts were used in the repair and that a Chrysler Recognized Certified Collision Repair Facility made the repairs, helping, the company says, to preserve the post-collision value of the vehicle.

Certified Collision Care Provider

Assured Performance Collision Care employs two levels of standards:Qualifying Standards: The “Qualifying” standards serve as the mandatory criteria for being a qualified member of the network. All Assured Performance Network Qualified Repair Businesses must comply with the “Qualifying Standards” and continuously adhere to them. These standards have been developed based upon generally accepted requirements for conducting a collision repair business in today’s market. Click each of the categories below to see full criteria.

  • Business Requirements
  • Customer Orientation
  • Technical Ability
  • Regulatory Compliance

Certified Standards: Beyond the initial qualifications and basic requirements, qualified repair businesses of Assured Performance Network must meet a tiered set of standards to gain “Certified” status. Each area adds to the accumulative overall rating. Click on each of the categories below to see full criteria.

  • Collision Care and Auto Care
  • Image and Presentation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Satisfaction Assurance
  • Training, Education and Employee Development
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